Liability Claim Trends Related to Senior Living Providers
Speaker: John Hessburg, Attorney, Kitch Attorneys & Counselors

This session will cover liability claim trends related to Senior Living providers. Additionally, issues related to the usage of common area and resident room video will be covered in detail with recommendations related to use and management of various types of video. This session will also cover the impact electronic health records can have on the defense of senior living providers in cases brought by state and federal agencies as well as those brought by unhappy residents and families, with recommendations to help reduce potential exposure

Defending Yourself Through Documentation
Speaker: Ken Watkins, Attorney, Ken Watkins Law Firm
What’s the best way to protect your reputation, your license, and your livelihood in case of a legal issue? What can you do today to help defend yourself against lawsuits tomorrow? Tightening up your documentation can go a long way. It’s easy to get complacent about documentation when you’ve gone a few years without the threat of a lawsuit. But complacency can put you in legal peril. This session will review documentation best practices for health care providers.

We Won’t Get Sued! Really! What Plaintiff’s Lawyers are Looking for When Deciding to File a Lawsuit.
Speaker: Joseph Thornton, Partner, Smith Peterson Law Firm, LLP
This session will review the types of issues and situations plaintiff’s lawyer are looking for when deciding to bring a lawsuit. There will be a discussion on what to expect and how to prepare if a lawsuit is brought. Part of the discussion will also focus on things to do to try to avoid making a bad situation worse.

Current Legal Issues in Human Resources
Speaker: Luke Draisey, Attorney, Davis Brown Law Firm
Managing employment law compliance issues is a major component of human resources. Yet healthcare administrators and managers understandably find that the number of legal issues they need to be aware of can be overwhelming. This session offers an overview of the complex legal issues associated with day-to-day employment decisions and actions. This session provides current information on legislation, court decisions, and enforcement procedures that affect the employment relationship.