The Activity Professionals Qualification Course has been approved by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals.  Students who successfully complete the course and pass the final exam will be certified as an Activity Professional and will be able to work in Iowa nursing facilities and assisted living facilities.

Computer access and an Internet connection are required to take this course. The course is made up with 6 on-line units and a final classroom training session. Each on-line unit will consist of a mix of instructional videos, readings, discussions and assignments.

Units: Each unit will have a specific time frame in which it is to be completed. Each unit will have specific points assigned to it, and if the unit is not completed on time, there will be a point penalty.

Videos: Videos will be educational and relating to the unit’s topic. There may be short quizzes, discussions or questions on the final exam relating to the videos to ensure that they are being watched and that the students are paying attention.

Readings: All readings are on-line and will include educational articles, books or webpages that relate to the unit’s topic. There may be short quizzes, discussions or questions on the final exam relating to the articles to ensure that the students have learned the required information.

Discussions: All on-line discussions will be initiated and regulated by the course instructors who will provide a topic to be discussed. All students will respond to the topic, and will be required to participate in discussion forums related to each topic. The discussions are to encourage interaction, answer questions and network with other Activity Professionals.

Assignments: Assignments will be a variety of research, real-time experiences, interventions, programming or interviewing others. All assignments will be completed and submitted to the instructors by the due date. There may be questions on the final exam relating to the assignments.

Unit 7 will be taught in a classroom setting. This class will incorporate everything learned on-line and put it all together to create a winning activity program. There will be lecture, group activities, small group interaction, leadership development and networking during this class. The final exam will be given during the class.